An Anniversary

This photo will grace the cover of my upcoming book.

This photo will grace the cover of my upcoming book.

Greetings, Readers of “Pulling Taffy”!

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death—a day of sadness but also of gratitude for her spirit and for the many gifts she gave me over the years.

The book version of Pulling Taffy should be out in the spring of 2013. I’ll update you then (and hope that at least some of you will want to buy it!). I’ve had fun adding stories from my mother’s life and reflections on taking care of her to my chronicles of our final year together.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d let you know that I do write about her from time to time in blog form. Here are a couple of recent entries you might like to read.

In September on my food blog, In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens, I shared the recipe for one of her favorite summer and fall foods, succotash made with cranberry beans.

And last week on my personal blog I wrote about one of her favorite songs—one I sang at her memorial party. It’s called “I Get Along Without You Very Well.” (Of course I HAD to sing it!)

I wish you all happy holidays and the best of new years. May your lives and your memories be as happy as mine……..



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  1. Tink:

    I listened to your singing. It was lovely!

    Cynthia M.J. O’Connor

  2. Oh, how wonderful for you Tinky! You bet I want a copy-signed by you I hope. Let us know when the book celebration is scheduled. Can’t wait to read it. Happy Holidays to you!

  3. She sure was a terrific woman, that Taffy. Thanks for sharing that eventful year. I do wanna get the book. But who’s the “other” dog in the photo? And is Jan celebrating? Or about to brain you?

  4. Precious post, Tinky. Know it’s been a hard year for you. Here’s to a happy Christmas and a good 2013. Margie

    Sent from my iPho

    • Thank you, Cynthia. I do have fun. Doris, OF COURSE I’ll let you know. And I wish you the same. Jack, she was just having fun, something she did a lot. (The other dog is Truffle’s best friend, Lucca.) Margie, it has been hard but in a good way. Happy everything to you as well.

  5. A good friend died yesterday… your words came at exactly the right moment.

    • You have my sympathy–and I’m glad I helped a little, Deb.

  6. Good Lord! Has it been a year already??

    • It’s hard for me to believe, too! It has whizzed right by. (I certainly thought the book would be published by now. But I AM getting there.)

  7. Fabulous news. I can’t wait.

    • I CAN wait. There’s lots of work to be done. But it is exciting. Thanks!

  8. Wow has it been a year already? Bless you great ladies. We are still hangin’ out have much late night blogging and FB’ing and stuff!) Auntie coming down in a week to spend Christmas. I have a lot of responsibilities, since my mom Betty gets sundowner’s disorder so strong and she rides my tail over everythng in the house. God Bless!

    • Scott–I do hope you get some respite with your aunt’s visit. Thinking of you….

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