Happy (almost!) Mother’s Day!

My Mother a Year or So After She Was Dumped

My Mother Around the Time She Was Dumped

Hello, Readers!

PULLING TAFFY the book will come out on June 23. (If you absolutely can’t wait you may certainly order a copy now at its web site, but feel free to wait until the actual publication date, which was my parents’ wedding anniversary. If you wait you should be able to order the ebook and/or audio book instead [or as well!]).

Meanwhile, I remembered my mother this week on the radio with an adaptation of a recent post from my personal blog.

You may listen to it here.

The little bit of music in the piece is NOT my best singing (it was early in the morning, and my diet soda had spilled so I was low on caffeine,) but still I think the whole thing is rather sweet.

Enjoy … and let’s celebrate mothers everywhere….


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