Another Mother’s Day

Photo by Judith Christian.

Dear Readers of Pulling Taffy:

I never know how many of you subscribe to my other blogs–so I’m sharing today’s Mother’s Day post from my personal blog.OF COURSE I thought of Taffy today.

Here’s the link.

I hope you are well and having a wonderful Mother’s Day.

With best wishes and happy memories,


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Dear Readers of Pulling Taffy:

Just in case you don’t read my personal blog¬†(I admit that it’s VERY OCCASIONAL), I thought I’d point you to today’s post.

Here it is.

In it I discuss my experiences with a new form of dementia, one that certainly took me by surprise!

Happy 2014.¬†Thanks for reading………..


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Remembering Taffy as I Prepare for Saint Patrick’s Day

Dear Pulling Taffy Readers:

I have a fun photo and memory of Taffy on my What’s a Girl to Do? blog today. Do please come on over and look. Here’s the link.

And happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you all!


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